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Search for isomorphic subgraphs

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1 Formulation of the problem

Let [math]G[/math] and [math]H[/math] be given graphs. Search for isomorphic subgraphs consists in finding out whether the graph [math]G[/math] contains a subgraph isomorphic to [math]H[/math]. If the answer is positive, then it is required to produce at least one such subgraph.

2 Properties of the problem

The search for isomorphic subgraphs is an NP-complete problem. Consequently, none of the known algorithms solves this problem in polynomial time.

3 Algorithms for solving the problem

Ullman's algorithm[1][2] solves the problem of isomorphic subgraphs in exponential time; moreover,

  • for a fixed graph [math]H[/math], the time is polynomial;
  • for a planar graph [math]G[/math], the computation time is linear (if the graph [math]H[/math] is fixed).

Алгоритм VF2[3] is specially designed for working with large graphs.

4 References

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